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About PHYSICS Africa Inc.:

Advancing Space Science, Space Exploration, Space Security and Radiation Safety PHYSICS Africa Inc. is a pioneering Cloud-Based Space Science and Radiation Safety Consulting firm, driving innovation and research in the realms of space security, space exploration, data analysis, satellite imagery, and radiation safety.

With its diverse subsidiaries -

PHYSICS Africa.TECH, and
- the company has established a robust presence in the field since its inception on 4th March 2021.

Registered in the province of Manitoba, Canada, under registration number 776774945MC0001, PHYSICS Africa Inc. is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of scientific discovery while ensuring the safety of both terrestrial and celestial environments.

Key Areas of Expertise:

Cloud-Based Space Science: PHYSICS Africa Inc. leverages cutting-edge cloud technologies to facilitate groundbreaking space science research. By harnessing the power of the cloud, the company enables scientists, researchers, and organizations to collaborate seamlessly, analyze vast sets of data, and accelerate the pace of discovery.

Data Analysis: With a strong emphasis on data-driven insights, PHYSICS Africa Inc. excels in processing and analyzing complex datasets originating from various sources, including satellites and space probes. This expertise enables the extraction of valuable information, patterns, and trends that contribute to a deeper understanding of space phenomena.

Satellite Imagery: The company's proficiency in satellite imagery allows for the capture, interpretation, and utilization of high-resolution images of Earth and celestial bodies. This capability finds applications in diverse fields, such as environmental monitoring, disaster management, and planetary exploration.

Radiation Safety: PHYSICS Africa Inc. is committed to ensuring radiation safety both in space and on Earth. The firm engages in research, consultation, and the development of strategies to mitigate radiation-related risks for astronauts, spacecraft, and terrestrial environments.


This subsidiary focuses on space-related projects, missions, and collaborations. It serves as a hub for space enthusiasts, researchers, and professionals to engage in the advancement of space science and exploration.

PHYSICS Africa.TECH: Specializing in technological innovation, PHYSICS Africa.TECH develops tools, software, and solutions that drive the progress of space science and radiation safety. It explores novel technologies that contribute to the expansion of human knowledge and safety.

PHYSICS Africa DATA CENTER: This subsidiary serves as a centralized repository for valuable space science data, fostering accessibility and collaboration within the scientific community.

The DATA CENTER plays a crucial role in accelerating research and facilitating informed decision-making.

Contact Information: For inquiries and collaborations, please reach out to

PHYSICS Africa Inc. at: Email: [email protected], [email protected]

In essence, PHYSICS Africa Inc. stands at the forefront of space science and radiation safety, propelling humanity's understanding of the cosmos while safeguarding the well-being of our planet and beyond.  

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